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Duane Degler, Principal

Duane has designed numerous web and semantic web-based applications and sites, backed by 25 years consulting experience in knowledge management and business performance. He is a business strategist who has led interactive application design and content management projects for commercial and government clients in the US and internationally.

His focus areas include designing large-scale search facilities and interactive applications for clients such as the National Archives electronic records program, the Social Security Administration’s policy content management group, and Verisign, among others. He is particularly fond of complex problems that defy “traditional” solutions! Past clients include Philips Electronics, Shell, United Distillers, Reuters, Schlumberger, UNUM Insurance, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as well as small technology ventures.

Along with his client consulting work, Duane speaks regularly at professional conferences, curates the Design for Semantic Web resource site, is the strategy and technology advisor to the UXPA Usability Body of Knowledge project, and has co-organized the Semantic Web User Interaction (SWUI) workshop series for the W3C’s Semantic Web Interest Group. He holds a B.Sc. in Media Communications and an M.Sc. in Organizational Communications, with a focus on the human change impacts arising from technology adoption.

Presentations and Publications

Recent Event
Presentations at User Focus Conference
October 17, 2014

At UXPA-DC's annual User Focus conference, practitioners from Design for Context gave several presentations on topics such as keeping the long-term vision alive on long-running UX projects; moving a cultural "systematic catalog" online; how UX practitioners can empower their clients to build upon their work; and techniques for effective collaboration between UX designers and visual designers. Presentations are posted on our Publications page.

Book Publication
Reframing Information Architecture

The world of information architecture has changed, and a reframing is moving the conversation forward. Duane Degler contributes a chapter to the recently released book that explores this work: Reframing Information Architecture.

Recent Presentation
Design Concepts and Lessons from Linked Data for Digital Humanities
August 20, 2014

Projects in LOD-LAM (Libraries, Archives and Museums) give us a perspective on creating rich, relevant, usable applications for heterogeneous linked data. During their talk at the 2014 Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Jose, CA, Duane Degler and Neal Johnson showed examples and described our design approach.

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