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Duane Degler, Principal

Duane has designed numerous web and semantic web-based applications and sites, backed by 25 years consulting experience in knowledge management and business performance. He is a business strategist who has led interactive application design and content management projects for commercial and government clients in the US and internationally.

His focus areas include designing large-scale search facilities and interactive applications for clients such as the National Archives electronic records program, the Social Security Administration’s policy content management group, and Verisign, among others. He is particularly fond of complex problems that defy “traditional” solutions! Past clients include Philips Electronics, Shell, United Distillers, Reuters, Schlumberger, UNUM Insurance, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as well as small technology ventures.

Along with his client consulting work, Duane speaks regularly at professional conferences, curates the Design for Semantic Web resource site, is the strategy and technology advisor to the UXPA Usability Body of Knowledge project, and has co-organized the Semantic Web User Interaction (SWUI) workshop series for the W3C’s Semantic Web Interest Group. He holds a B.Sc. in Media Communications and an M.Sc. in Organizational Communications, with a focus on the human change impacts arising from technology adoption.

Presentations and Publications

Upcoming Conference
Red Alert! Communicating Status Through Great UX, Graphics and Accessibility
July 21, 2014

Effective visual design is essential for communicating system and workflow status, alerts, notifications, categories, and prioritization that often must be understood at a glance. Some people believe they can’t use graphics or color for important cues because of accessibility, which isn't true. At UXPA's 2014 conference, we will explore how to create great, visually appealing UX designs that optimize communication of status information for all users.

Upcoming Panel
How to Create Award-Winning UX Portfolios and Case Studies
April 30, 2014

At an event hosted by the DC chapter of the User Experience Professional’s Association, Design for Context’s Lisa Battle will join a panel of UX leaders to talk about creating stellar UX portfolios and case studies. Panelists will discuss UX hiring, portfolios, and effective case studies that cover the full range of UX process: research, strategy, defining the audience, testing, mockups, prototypes, design, and implementation.

Recent Presentation
Design meets Data (Linked, Open, Heterogeneous)
April 5, 2014

The tide of available information continues to rise. The opportunities that come from open access, linked data, sharing resources with other institutions, and standards-based data are enticing - and perhaps overwhelming? In this talk at Museums and the Web's 2014 conference in Baltimore, Design for Context's Duane Degler discussed the role of design to help find ways to make the most of opportunities for new types of interactions and engagement with Information Objects.

Recent Presentation
Designing for Now, and for Future
November 4, 2013

Museums, libraries and archives hold physical objects that people interact with every day. Their mission includes managing these objects in trust for use by future generations. Just as there is a physical object, there is an “Information Object” that people use, and authoritative institutions curate that information for now and the future. At edUi 2013, Design for Context's Duane Degler and the National Gallery of Art's Neal Johnson led a talk about designing the Information Object, and the role of shareable, structured information.

Recent Presentation
Enhancement Ecosystems: Enriching Structured Content with User Tagging and Annotation
October 2, 2013

Formal and informal metadata, classification, and descriptions play a significant role in the quality of user experience with content and search. At the Semantic Technology and Business Conference on the East Coast, Design for Context's Duane Degler and Thomas Vander Wal described "enhancement ecosystems" involving users and content experts

Recent Presentation
There's more than one way to skin a cat: Integrating UX into an Agile environment
July 10, 2013

Many organizations struggle with how to best integrate traditional UX methods into an Agile development environment. At the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) 2013 conference, Design for Context's Janice James presented on a panel discussing real-life case studies on UX within Agile environments, bringing practical perspectives on the benefits and challenges associated with applying UX methods within the Agile framework. Design for Context was also an exhibitor at this conference.

Recent Presentation
Supporting Relevance for Users – a Design Challenge
June 3, 2013

Presenting “related” content can unfortunately be perceived by users as not relevant to their current needs, particularly in complex knowledge work and interactive applications. At the 2013 Semantic Technology & Business Conference, Duane Degler presented a series of examples and illustrations to explore the user experience of relevance, highlighting risks and pitfalls and providing guidance on how to balance algorithmic and user-centered approaches. Design for Context was also an exhibitor at this conference.