Why get user experience training for the whole team?

Sustainability of UX in your organization is essential. If your organization wants to create a culture that supports user experience, custom training and coaching is a good way to raise awareness and engage your entire team. Our user experience consultants teach courses at international conferences and in academic settings. You benefit from leaders in the field that have both the academic background and years of experience to help your team to strengthen their skills.

How do our user experience courses reinforce and promote your strategy?

Creating and teaching custom courses allows us to work with stakeholders on the best way to integrate user experience design and usability into their organizational culture and existing software development lifecycles.

For organizations looking to develop user experience design and usability skills for their staff, we offer a combination of training and practical on-the-job coaching for usability specialists, analysts, developers, project managers, and anyone else who wants to participate. 

Our methodology includes 
  • Classroom training
  • Creating and teaching custom courses
  • On-the-job coaching for project teams