Jennifer Chaffee specializes in innovative graphical interface design for software and web applications, from conceptual designs to detailed specifications. In her 24 years’ experience in the user interface design field, she has combined her expertise in visual design with a solid understanding of application development for a variety of platforms including mobile, touch screen, and web-based applications. Jennifer is skilled in designing icons and visual feedback cues that make applications easy to use. Jennifer has excellent communication skills and the ability to back up design decisions with real world data.

Jennifer’s early visual design work for software engineering applications at Hewlett Packard eventually led to a look and feel for MOTIF, a registered design standard for UNIX User Interfaces. At Apple Computer, she designed a new look and feel for Mac OS8, incorporating a 3-dimensional style, which became known as “Platinum.” As the art director for Claris, Jennifer was responsible for the new appearance of Claris Organizer 2.0 and directed the incorporation of OS8’s appearance into the Claris software application interfaces.