Make applications easy to use

Your application needs to work well, no matter how complex the functionality and workflow may be. Our user experience designers are fluent in detailed functional requirements, complex workflows, and business logic, elegantly translating them into the design of highly interactive web applications or software. We create elegant, effective, engaging, and accessible designs that work for your users.

Consider specialized users and tasks

Your user populations have unique needs and tasks that have to be understood and incorporated into the design. We have honed techniques for quickly analyzing work practices to understand what users need for a successful user experience. We have designed applications for cancer researchers, patent examiners, attorneys, accountants, builders, corporate trainers, call center operators, network security administrators, and many other specialized roles.

Deliver intuitive transactional applications

Your complex workflow and transactional processes should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. When designing applications, we draw on our extensive experience to think through user experience issues such as which steps in the workflow can be automated or streamlined, how to reduce the number of steps and the amount of mental effort required from users, how to simplify data entry, how to provide necessary feedback without being annoying, how to prevent errors, and how to keep the user informed through appropriate dashboards and data visualizations.

Build configurable and customizable web applications

Client-specific configuration, customization, or individual personalization can have a significant impact on your users’ experience. We have created UX design for both the administrator and end user aspects of systems. We have addressed client-defined fields and business rules, flexible displays that work equally well across multiple monitors or on laptops, client-specific branding (white labeling), role-based views, permission levels, multi-lingual interfaces, and many other design challenges for configurable and customizable web applications.

Ensure accessibility and Section 508 compliance

Your users expect your application to work for them, no matter what. Our team members have been involved in defining accessibility standards, testing for accessibility, and working to improve user experience for people with disabilities. We provide the expertise required to ensure that even rich Internet applications meet accessibility requirements and work well for all of your users.

Translate the dream into reality

You dream big, but sometimes great design ideas just aren't realistic to build within a project's technical constraints. We have extensive experience collaborating with data architects, system architects, front-end developers, and other members of development teams to ensure that the solutions we design can be realistically built within your context. We understand that part of a successful implementation means working as part of team and balancing technical opportunities and constraints with user needs and business goals to provide the best user experience within your environment.