Create and implement your digital information strategy

You are working to define or update an achievable digital information strategy that supports your institution’s mission, establishes actionable roadmaps for near and long-term activity, and ensures integration with current and future technologies. With years of digital strategy assessment and implementation experience in cultural heritage, we understand the opportunities available to digital humanities organizations, to help you define and execute a sustainable plan of action.

Understand what your users and contributors need

You wish to provide meaningful and engaging experiences that support your public audiences, your staff, and your institutional partners in the ways they use your information resources and interpretive programs. We are experts in capturing and understanding LAM user needs and expectations, and translating those into implementable and usable designs within your institutional context.

Contribute to the growing “digital cultural ecosystem”

In the age of web-scale access to increasingly large and heterogeneous collections of cultural linked open data and information resources, a far-reaching ecosystem of information resources and programs is growing… and you plan to be a part of it. We can help you share data, insights, history, and perspectives effectively which allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce the value and authority your institution provides as a steward of cultural heritage collections.

Design for linked open data

Beyond providing valuable information resources, you also wish to leverage data from external sources and partner libraries, archives, and museums to supplement and extend your Digital Humanities-related efforts. We understand linked open data and how to seamlessly share data with partners. We can help you create scalable, sustainable, flexible, information-rich interfaces that promote serendipitous discovery and ease of use of these information resources.

Learn more about participating in the digital cultural ecosystem:

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