Make your users successful within their context of use

In today’s multi-screen world, your users expect compelling, and engaging interfaces that help them find the information they need and get things done easily and efficiently. Our user-centered approach is the basis for thoughtful design for mobile contexts. We apply our user research and task analysis skills to understand the specific goals and expectations of mobile users, and we design effective, pleasing, and device-appropriate user experiences.

Understand mobile user behavior

Your users and customers bring specific goals, expectations, and use patterns to your mobile experience. With our background in cognitive psychology and human-computer interaction, we recognize the natural behaviors surrounding mobile use, including the various contexts in which people use mobile apps. We help you understand the constraints and distractions facing mobile users (and then design expertly with those realities in mind).

Chart your mobile roadmap

Your mobile offerings are critical to your business and reputation, and you want them to be effective, usable, and reflective of your organization’s commitment to excellence. We help guide your mobile strategy to best serve your users and business. We consider the longer-term implications that affect your mobile roadmap over time.

Provide the right mobile experience for users and context

You know what you want to achieve with your mobile application. We understand the various, and constantly evolving, options for best meeting the needs of mobile users, including native applications, mobile web sites, and responsive sites. We help you think through the available options to design for the solution that best meets your organization and user needs.

Improve your mobile offerings

The mobile environment shifts quickly. You may be ready to consider how to improve or focus your app to better meet specific user needs. We provide quick assessments of existing applications, recommending how to address known trouble spots and opportunities. We provide guidance in how to streamline and refactor mobile apps to improve delivery of more context-relevant, lighter-weight content. Additionally, we help map user transitions between applications and different platforms, ensuring that workflow and user movement is smooth and consistent.

Move into “Next Generation” Mobile

You may be ready for the next stage of mobile design and structure to help existing and growing offerings become easier for your customers to use and for you to manage. We help optimize your mobile efforts and identify how to align multiple applications, or separate existing applications into smaller pieces to best meet to the specific needs and habits of your users.