Design systems to make the most of your technology and data

You are looking to create dynamic user experiences and take your technology and data to the next level. We are innovating the linked data user experience, keeping pace with technology leaders who incorporate semantic technology advances into new products. Our experience includes a wide range of organizations, technology providers, cultural institutions, publishers, and others who are exploiting new opportunities. 

See your tools and interfaces from your users’ perspectives

Your users have specific needs and expectations. To design an application or information interface that is useful and satisfying, we involve them - to understand what tasks bring them to your product, what they know coming in, and what are they looking for. Our designs incorporate their preferences, interests, and mental models to increase their success and engagement.

Leverage linked data

You want to take advantage of the rich potential from linked data - and linked open data - to build on the relationships within the data and the insights that surface. We understand complex data relationships and design products that realize its true value. We also help advise organizations taking their first steps into linked data to assess the technologies and capabilities that are most aligned with your goals.

Design for the "Context Web"

You work with the challenges and opportunities presented by increasingly available context signals, mobility, user profiles, and linked data. We apply our user experience design skills to incorporate all we know about the users, their context and tasks, and your data and technology into a seamless experience that is comfortable, effective, and pleasing.

Ensure success

You want to provide best-in-class technology with the highest levels of adoption. Guided by the design and the needs of the users, your underlying delivery architecture, services, and UI toolkits bring the application to life, providing a positive experience with your product and data. We can help you to bring it all together.