Interest is growing rapidly in how Linked Data could address both internal and external needs for cultural heritage information. Acting on this interest requires sharing some new knowledge as well as active collaboration among a range of people within the museum – and getting everyone "on the same page." Strategic and tactical conversations need to be practical, realistic in their expectations, and focused on successfully meeting user and organizational expectations.

Linked Data is the umbrella term for a rich data format, based on semantic web standards, that focuses on the described relationships between entities. This workshop provides an introduction to Linked Data as it can be used inside your organization and shared among partners, and Linked Open Data for broader public use. It focuses on providing a clear overview of what it is, why you create it, how your program and system designs benefit from it, and most importantly how it will support your mission. You will have an opportunity for small group ideation around the "fit" between linked data and museum needs. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to answer the "Why?" and "What's so special about..." questions, and have a practical understanding of how to talk with your colleagues about using linked data to deliver value. You will gain examples, frameworks for thinking about different kinds of uses and projects, and ideas for how to apply it to common museum projects/applications.  

Download MW2015 workshop slides (55Mb)