Know your digital landscape

We actively collaborate with you to map critical information flows and current technology, identifying how they align to organizational objectives. We involve people inside and outside your organization, facilitating a conversation focused on what is most valuable for you and your users.

Chart your course

Together, we establish actionable roadmaps for near- and long-term activity, and support inclusive decision-making that builds consensus around program goals.

Vision through design

We help establish the design vision for your web and mobile applications. That vision provides a strong reference point for improvements, aimed to enhance user engagement and productivity with information resources.

Leverage data and technology

Your activities inevitably span an array of platforms and uses. We frame the use of UI frameworks, mobile, structured data, and emerging technology in the successful implementation of your digital strategy.

Linked data, open access information, and semantically-driven interfaces open up collaborative exchange and contribution. We focus on ensuring your data is flexible, scalable and persistent.

Participate in the digital ecosystem

Linked and shared data provide an exciting opportunity for organizations to participate in a growing “digital ecosystem.” We can help your institution share its products, resources, insights and perspectives effectively. Efficient curation of this information offers a significant opportunity to reinforce the value and authority of your organization.

Our methodology includes 
  • Goal prioritization and strategic consensus building
  • Information resource quality survey and inventory
  • Gap analysis (technical, program, staff/skills)
  • Business process modeling and user needs analysis
  • Technology needs analysis, risk assessment, and value proposition
  • Open access, linked data, semantic technology strategy
  • Audience analysis (known and emerging)
  • Success metrics identification
  • Social media strategy for collaborative enhancement (internal productivity, public audience communication/collaboration)