Our outlook toward technology’s potential is strategic in scope. Where is the vital user and business value? And thus what capabilities of new technologies, products, and processes need to be aligned to improve user experience?

Articulate the vision

Sustainable user experiences start with a clear, thoughtful, and actionable vision. Helping you articulate your strategic vision is at the heart of what we do.

Build consensus through facilitation

Engage key internal and external people in the process. Your stakeholders participate in facilitate workshops and other activities to clarify their goals, expectations, and concerns. The outcome? Commitment and involvement.

Prepare your roadmap

Strategy only becomes successful when realized. Your projects need actionable steps that deliver on your larger strategic objectives, and a roadmap to keep you aligned with external and internal needs.

You get a multi-phase, flexible roadmap, along with design principles and requirements to support a common direction. This provides your team with a guide through the day-to-day decisions of any project.

Course-adjust and stay flexible

It’s important to avoid common roadblocks facing technology and information projects (large and small). Using the roadmap as a guide, you have a set of tactical steps and evaluation that will ensure success in the short and long term.

Our methodology includes 
  • Facilitation for consensus-building, goal articulation, visioning, and planning for projects and large-scale initiatives
  • Technology adoption planning to ensure "fit" beyond technical features
  • Identifying and documenting design standards to sustain quality through future projects/changes
  • Assessing opportunities to incorporate emerging technologies, including both data (graph data models, linked data, semantic web) and interface/application frameworks
  • Integrating usability with software development processes
  • Understanding systems of engagement to meet the challenges of matching tools to natural social interactions