Why conduct user research?

User research highlights new opportunities in the market, uncovers unmet user needs, identifies issues with existing products, and inspires new solutions. The insights from user research lead to practical ideas for innovation.

How do we facilitate user research and engagement?

Together we determine the most appropriate ways to gather insights about your users, depending on the available time, the user population, and other factors about the project. Our experts are highly trained in facilitating user research to gain a deep understanding of your users’ needs, mental models, task strategies, and perspectives and context of use. The focus will be on the activities that will best serve your organization and get you the information you need.

Our methodology includes 
  • In-depth interviews with individual users
  • Site visits, field studies, or contextual inquiry, to observe users in their work environment
  • Focus groups to allow users to discuss their attitudes, opinions and ideas
  • Online surveys to collect quantitative data from a wide sample of users
  • Participatory activities to engage users and clarify what they want
  • Visioning sessions with stakeholders, product managers, and others
  • User and business requirement analysis through user stories, scenarios, personas, task flows