What is user experience design?

Good user experience design is about making a product easy to use.

In a competitive market, user experience design can be what makes people choose your product over the competition.

In enterprise applications, user experience design reduces project risk, increases user acceptance, and lowers training costs.

In large-scale web sites and data warehouses, user experience design makes it easy for users to find what they need so they will keep coming back.

How do we design applications and websites that are easy to use?

A user-centered approach to designing interfaces makes your users and your organization successful. Our designers draw on extensive experience and deep knowledge of design principles to generate new ideas and help your team think about their products in new ways.

We consider how to streamline the overall flow of the users’ task, no matter how complex the task or how it crosses multiple devices and contexts. By creating clickable prototypes and “wireframes” (illustrations of pages or screens), we collaboratively explore and elaborate new alternatives and design concepts with customer and user feedback.

Our methodology includes 
  • Quick win” recommendations for improvements
  • Navigation and page flows to illustrate the organization of a web site, the navigation path between different screens of an application, or the steps in specific user tasks
  • Wireframes and prototypes to illustrate the screen design and interactions, with iterative feedback from stakeholders and users to progressively refine the design
  • Interaction design that focuses on reducing clicks, simplifying the display, and improving the user experience
  • Accessibility (Section 508) recommendations to ensure that the design works well for all intended users
  • Facilitated user feedback sessions in which users walk through their typical tasks using the wireframes and identify areas for improvement
  • User interface standards and style guides to improve consistency