How do we increase the findability and value of content? How do we maintain metadata and thesauri? Automated tools help apply structure to content, yet these capabilities deliver greatest value when combined with human-curated enhancement. When designing content/data applications, we pay particular attention to the "enhancement ecosystem."

Applying context and meaning is an ongoing activity - not something you do once during creation. This is particularly important for long-lived content: historically important texts/media, scientific literature, archives, museum/library object descriptions, data sets with multiple uses, and content where contributions span over years.

In this talk, we explore various elements of an enhancement ecosystem: Tagging and folksonomy so authors/editors understand how users apply language and meaning to content; Curation and rule-setting in concept extraction; Mining user annotations and the content locations where they are applied; How auto-tagging suggestions can be refined to maximize the meaning that is applied to unstructured content over time.