How does visual design impact usability?

Visual design helps ensure positive first impressions of your web site, application, or product. Good visual design makes a product enjoyable to use and can significantly enhance the credibility of an application or web site, increasing user trust.

Good visual design also supports and improves overall usability, for example by drawing users’ attention to essential information and actions, helping them understand what features are available, and improving readability.

How is visual design incorporated into user experience design?

As part of our user-centered design approach, we consider all aspects of the user experience, including the look and feel. We use colors, fonts and icons to create a clean, modern visual appearance that gives the desired impression — innovative, professional, or whatever you want to convey about your brand.

For products that already have visual design and branding standards, we work within those existing styles and expand on them as needed to support an improved user experience. For products with no existing stylistic guidelines, we generate several alternative visual concepts, and refine them with feedback to create a visual presence that supports your brand objectives. We can help you refresh an existing look and feel, taking it to the next level through minor visual design improvements

Our methodology includes 
  • Design ideation, mockups and alternative concepts
  • Interface design
  • Icon design
  • Data visualizations, charts and graphs
  • CSS 
  • Style guides